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Shall we sing? 

Shall we sing.jpg

​歌を歌いましょう!Let's sing a song! 

Just like in Britain, in Japan children learn many nursery rhymes or Dou-Yoo (童謡)from young age. Japanese nursery rhymes are an integral part of the country’s culture and education passed down through generations. These simple songs, often accompanied by actions or gestures, serve as a way to teach young children Japanese traditional values, customs and culture. 

The language used in nursery rhymes is usually simple, making it easy to learn. The repetition of phrases and sentences in dou-yoo (童謡), which usually includes onomatopoeia and tongue-twisters, helps to reinforce language learning and memory retention.

This workshop works well if you were to pair it up with our Kamishibai shows or origami workshop. 

Duration: 15- 30 mins

Suitable for: aged 6+ and their families

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