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A-UN (阿吽)

A-Un poster.png

A-Un no Kokyu(阿吽の呼吸)is a term to describe the perfect balance and supreme  harmony between two people. 


The piece includes traditional Japanese dance, live Taiko drumming, Karate sparring and Boku-To (wooden sword) fight- all the artforms used in this piece represent

different elements, emotions and stages of life and its cycles.

Performed by: Nao Masuda and Haruka Kuroda

Choreographed by: Emiko Ishii

Music composed by: Nao Masuda

Suitable for: family festivals and ideal for outdoor and large indoor spaces.  

Duration: 10mins

Performance Area: 10m x 7m  open area

Get in/ out: 1hour

Technical requirements: A simple lighting rig

Music: USB/ Downloadable link

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