Kamishibai shows

Covid 19 friendly

We are taking booking for Spring to Autumn 2022! 


What is Kamishibai?

Kamishibai Theatre is a traditional way of telling stories from Japan, which started in the 1920’s. Japanese sweet sellers and storytellers travelled from town to town, village to village, with their Kamishibai, -  a half picture frame, half theatre stage, – strapped to the back of their bicycle*. When they had set-up, they would bang together wooden clappers (hyoshigi) to attract the children, and then sell them sweets. Then, when everyone was settled, the Kamishibai man would start telling a story – pulling each of the numbered storyboards from the side, and sliding it at the back of the stack, one after the other. The children who had bought sweets were allowed to sit at the front! Each show usually has about ten picture-boards, with large bold pictures.

Performed by: Haruka Kuroda

Stories: Milky Way/ The Great Race!

Written & Directed by: Vicky Ireland

Suitable for: Children 4 years upwards and their family

Duration: 25mins

Performance Area: 5m x 3m space ,with good acoustics

Get in/ out: 45mins

Max audience number: 50

Technical requirements: Adequate lighting on performer

Why is it Covid-19 friendly?

This show involves a solo performer who will do their own stage with a simple get-in and get-out. The performance can take place inside or outside in a space which has good acoustics and allows for social distancing.  

What people say about the show?

  • "My little one loved the theatre show! The artist was very engaging and I'm surprised/amazed at her ability to keep all the little ones captivated for the session." 

  • "Excellent! Fun and energetic. The children were engrossed the whole way through"

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