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Welcome to our new website!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Welcome to our brand new website which we do hope you will enjoy exploring.

We chose a selection of traditional washi designs for the background of each section to give a colourful and interesting look. Washi is the term used to describe  traditional Japanese paper, which has been made for over 1,300 years.  The word  comes from Wa meaning 'Japanese' and shi meaning ‘paper’ and it is made out of fiber, processed by hand and made in a traditional manner. Its beautiful and vibrant patterns are inspired by nature throughout the seasons and have their roots in Kimono patterns. As well as updating our site, we’ve been busy with appearances at The Japan Matsuri 2000, where our Artistic Associate, Haruka Kuroda, co-presented the Matsuri weekend with Callum Forbes, the Coordinator for Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Japan in the UK. They were a terrific double act and the whole wonderful event was packed with colour and spectacle, music, dancing and celebration. Haruka also appears in a Kamishibai storytelling of the Tanabata legend, “Milkyway”,  for artsdepot North Finchley from Sunday 11th October at 11am until Sun 25th October at 10am. And after the story there is a simple origami workshop. Origami is the traditional Japanese art or technique of folding paper into  forms, such as of animals or flowers. The name origami is from the words oru (to fold) and kami (paper).  It’s great fun to making origami decorations so have a go, and we do hope you enjoy the performance.

Any feedback on the website is most welcome!

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