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What about the children?

Here is the newly launched International ASSITEJ Manifesto, based on the one originally created by Action for Children’s Arts, UK. With content shaped by representatives from over 60 countries, including Vicky, Ireland, our joint AD. It aims to speak up for the right  of children and young people across the world, to access arts and culture in their lives.

"ASSITEJ believes that much more needs to be done to meet all countries’ obligations with respect to Articles 13 and 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child..."

ASSITEJ Manifesto

As the Covid-19 crisis was raging, hundreds of professionals in performing arts across the globe collaborated through the Coffee Sessions of ASSITEJ. They shared their realities, expressed their points of view and their emergencies. The ASSITEJ Manifesto is the fruit of all this work. We wish it to be a tool, and, through a coordinated international campaign, a mighty lever for recognition and support to arts addressed to children and young people, and for those who produce it. We encourage you to circulate it, to share and explain it to the public, share it through social media, and confront cultural decision-makers with its content.  More than ever, taking action in favor of an equal and equitable access to arts and culture is an indispensable requirement, as we want our children live in a sustainable and healthy world.

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