Tales from Old Japan


“Mountains are just like people – they have secrets, mysteries and stories to tell”.

Come and hear enchanting, bewitching and hair-raising stories of magnificent Mount Iwate who blew hot and cold, the humble woodcutter and his beautiful but strange bride and the snorting, burping Ogre of Rashomon Gate.
These three delightful traditional Japanese tales are brought to life through inventive storytelling, puppetry and music.

A charming theatrical experience for younger audiences and their families.

Performed by: Kumiko Mendl

Directed by: Vicky Ireland

Suitable for: Children 5 years upwards and their families

Duration: 45mins

Performance Area: 20m x 20m square open area

Get in/ out: 1hour

Max audience number: 100

Technical requirements: A simple lighting rig

Music: Mini Disc


Why is it Covid-19 friendly?

This show involves a solo performer who will do their own stage management regarding a very simple get-in and get-out. Their performance can be either inside or outside in a space which has good acoustics and allows for social distancing.  Masks and gloves will be used except for performances.