The Great Race! 

The tour of The Great Race! has been postponed until 2021 when we hope to be taking it to venues from May onwards.


Alongside the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo July 2021, A Thousand Cranes presents, The Great Race!, an exciting theatrical adventure, which tells the story of how the Eastern Zodiac calendar was created.

Legend has it, that the Jade Emperor asks twelve creatures to take part in a great race to decide which years in the Zodiac calendar they will look after. Their years depend on the order in which they finish. Who will come in first? Will it be the wily Snake, the magnificent Dragon or the spirited Rat?  Expect lots of fun, plenty of drama, and many surprises, as the race presents all sorts of problems for those taking part.


Performed by two actors, and featuring original music with taiko drums and shamisen, origami and shadow puppets, special hand-made props and brilliant story-telling, this is the perfect show for children 4-7yrs and their adults in the run up to the 32nd Olympiad.

The story tells how not only speed, but also kindness and courage can help you cross the finishing line and that taking part is just as important as winning.

Written & Directed by: Vicky Ireland

Suitable for: Children 4 years upwards and their family

Duration: 50mins

Performance Area: Minimum 4.5m deep x 5m wide

Get in/ out: 2 hours get in, 1 hour get out

Max audience number: Unlimited

Theatre venues: Lighting plan to be submitted in advance. 

Rural Touring: flexible

Music: QLab

Number on tour: 2 performers and SM

We provide our own projector, leads, computer and monitor